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When we hear the word luxury car, we often assume that the factory audio system is also a premium luxury, however this is often not the case. 

Most high-end manufacturers will glamourise the multimedia system but use cheaper speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers as they are not visible to the consumer. This is where we come in. 

We offer premium audio integration solutions to compliment your new luxury car without taking away the factory styling or design. 

This can be done by replacing speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers or even adding a digital sound processor. Soundproofing is also overlooked in some models, this too can make a world of difference. 

We then move onto security. 

Luxury cars can be the target of theft and whilst the manufacturer will most likely have an immobiliser or alarm pre-fitted to the vehicle this is not always good enough to prevent theft. This just means that if someone was to acquire your car key, they can simply start the car and drive it away. Whether you have lost your key, had a break in at home and the keys stolen, this is all the thief needs. 

We have specialised systems that can prevent this from happening, with the latest in immobilisation systems, where the owner punches in a unique personalised sequence before turning on the engine. Regardless if someone has the key to your car, without the sequence your car won’t be able to start.

We also offer GPS tracking, front and rear dash camera monitoring as this will assure that you capture every moment when on the road or parked. 

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